Monday, 21 March 2016

The Needles

 6x6" oil on canvas board. $20. Available here!

I recently spent a week on the Isle of Wight visiting family and now that I'm home I am busy painting from all of my sketches, plein air studies and reference photos. This is the view of the Needles from the cliffs over Alum Bay. Here's what Wiki has to say about the Needles:
"The Needles is a row of three distinctive stacks of chalk that rise out of the sea off the western extremity of the Isle of Wight, UK, close to Alum Bay. The Needles Lighthouse stands at the outer, western end of the formation... The formation takes its name from a fourth needle-shaped pillar called 'Lot's Wife' that collapsed in a storm in 1764. The remaining rocks are not at all needle-like, but the name has stuck."

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