Monday, 4 April 2016

A Path By The Sea

6x8” watercolour on paper. $45. Available here

I've been in a watecolour mood lately! Here's one painted from a photo I took out of a bus window on my trip. I liked this little curving path running alongside the sea, just past Yarmouth. I've not done much watercolour since last summer. It was fun to work wet-in-wet again and let the colours run and blend.

I find watercolour a great medium to use when working from photos, as you can't really be too fussy over minor details; you have to see where it takes you, use your creative instincts and relax. And the results often wind up much more vibrant and atmospheric than the photo anyway, as is the case with this painting. Or so I feel... I hope you all enjoy the finished work as much as I enjoyed painting it!

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