Saturday, 26 December 2015

Clementines: Safari

8x8 inches, acrylic on stretched canvas. $65. Buy with Paypal

Here's the largest of the Clementine series so far- I found this zebra-print tissue paper and was eager to use it in one of my paintings.

I’ve been working at all different sizes this year- massive paintings on A2 paper for college, and tiny ones, like my 3x3 paintings. I think I prefer smaller sizes for oil and acrylics- 8x10 inches and under is good. There’s an attitude of ‘bigger is better’ in some parts of the art world, but I tend to disagree. Small paintings are easier to store and to display. They’re more affordable as well- I’m slowly building a collection of smaller pieces I’ve bought at local galleries. And I like to think small paintings can still stand out and make an impact visually. That’s something I’m trying to achieve with these little ones.

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